Program Kartu Prakerja Management Report Book 2022


Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia


January - December 2022

We offer our praise and gratitude to the Almighty God for the passing of COVID-19. Looking back, the emergence of the Omicron variant and other variants in 2022 forced the implementation of the Kartu Prakerja Program with a semi-social assistance scheme throughout the year 2022. With a budget of Rp17.99 trillion, the Implementation Management was able to provide benefits to 4,984,790 individuals out of the 9,666,815 registrants who joined in waves 23 to 47.

As of December 31, 2022, 188 training institutions are offering 1,224 training programs. All of these trainings have been assessed by experts. Out of this number, only 16 training programs were not chosen by participants. A study by the World Bank and TNP2K (2022) stated that 96.1% of participants are satisfied with the Prakerja training, and 96.4% are happy with the method of distributing Prakerja assistance.

The Kartu Prakerja Program has appeared on the United Nations (UN) website as an accelerator for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), where the Kartu Prakerja Program's achievements drive 8 out of 17 SDG targets. Later, at the B20 Summit Indonesia in Bali in November 2022, Queen Máxima, as the Special Advocate of the UN Secretary-General for Inclusive Finance for Development, praised the Kartu Prakerja Program as one of the world's best innovations. At the end of the year, a national survey by Poltracking ranked the Kartu Prakerja Program as the 4th most beneficial work program of Jokowi-Ma’ruf, following the BLT, KIS, and toll road programs.



New registrar

23 - 47

(25) Batch Opened






Total Budget (IDR)

Key Achievements in 2022

17th February

Batch 23rd Opened
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Face Recognition Implementation

15th June

Dissemination of World Bank Study Results - TNP2K
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15th - 17th June

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 17th June

Alumni Gathering (Beneficiaries)
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11st - 15th July

Indonesian Digital Financial Economy Festival (FEKDI)
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1 August

Liveness Launching


BPS Result
85% of Prakerja Recipients feel that work skills have increased (Sakernas, August 2022)

22nd September

Alibaba Cloud Summit
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23rd September

EdTech Korea Forum

 18th October

Prakerja selected as SDG Acceleration Actions UN DESA

19th October

APEC Workshop
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2nd November

Global Lifelong Learning Summit
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 14th November

Queen Maxima's UNSGSA Statement from the Netherlands regarding the Kartu Prakerja Program regarding Multi-Party Partnerships
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22nd-24th November

UNPOG Regional Symposium
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Prakerja ranks 4th in President Joko Widodo's work program, which has the most benefits for the community


New Chapter of the Normal Scheme
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